MyArkhineo for Salesforce

Arkhineo has developed a standard app for use with Salesforce called “MyArkhineo app for Salesforce. This app makes it easy to implement Arkhineo’s service if you use Salesforce CRM.

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Uploading & Viewing

The MyArkhineo for Salesforce app allows Salesforce customers to manually upload and archive documents of their choice directly from the Salesforce CRM system.

Document metadata is linked to standard Salesforce CRM objects (account, contract, request or business opportunity), as well as custom objects.

For more information on the archiving process, please click here.

View your documents in the same way from Salesforce CRM.

24/7 online document access.


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Monthly subscription

Various subscriptions are available based on your usage.

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CRM access

Documents can be uploaded and viewed from Salesforce.

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Interfacing option

This offer can be interfaced with other applications on Salesforce (e.g. app for receiving electronically generated and/or signed files).

*Get a one-month free trial. Download the app from the Salesforce AppExchange.

MyArkhineo for Salesforce benefits

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Easy to use

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Business model

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