Arkhineo EAS


You use document management tools and all your key company documents are digital (invoices, contracts, pay slips, accounting files, etc.).

After adopting 100% electronic processes, the law requires you to switch to electronic archiving.

Why archive electronic documents?

Comply with legal obligations

For an electronic document to have legal value, it must be "established and stored in conditions which ensure its integrity" (Article 1366 of the French Civil Code).

Posess the elements of proof

In the event of a dispute, in order to assert your rights, you must provide evidence proving the integrity of the document.

Eliminate the risk of loss and destruction

Electronic documents have the same retention periods as paper documents. These durations can be long and electronic archiving guarantees their legibility over time and their non-loss.

The importance of an EAS

An EAS is an Electronic Archiving System.

It allows documents to be archived over the long term (maintaining their probative value and legibility) and to be accessed at any time in complete security.

Arkhineo's EAS

Picto innovation

Arkhineo is a third-party archiver. We guarantee the storage, integrity and confidentiality of your documents.

Naturally, you remain the owner of your archives. Arkhineo does not process the content of your documents in any way, or undertake any semantic analysis whatsoever on the content of the archive object.

The Arkhineo solution can also be used to obtain the validity of the evidence of the archived documents.


Arkhineo has three remote Data Centres of its own in France, as well as three remote Data Centres in Germany.

Each site is independent and autonomous, i.e. with its own redundant energy and air-conditioning supply. Each centre also has its own telecommunications access coupled with an automatic failover system (at the access providers’) in the event of a lost connection.

The third site is passive and used for back-up purposes. It receives back-up copies of the archives and configurations.