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Arkhineo offers a ready-to-use SaaS portal called MyArkhineo

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Connect your business applications to our Electronic Archiving Service (EAS)

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MyArkhineo for Salesforce

Arkhineo has developed a standard app for use with Salesforce

Total archives

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of archives available on our servers

Archives / day

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archives uploaded every day

Archives / month

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archives uploaded every month


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of turnover dedicated to R&D 


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service availability rate


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countries using our service

Saved water

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litres saved  in paper production

Spared trees

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that have never been cut

Paper waste

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tonnes of paper that have never been used

One service, 5 certifications :

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You would like to set up an Electronic Archiving  System (EAS). There is nothing like a face-to-face discussion to understand the issues at stake in your project and present you the solution. Fill in your information and we will call you back within 48 hours!