Our Web API allows you to connect your business applications (CRM, ERP, DMS, etc.) to our Electronic Archiving Service (EAS), and upload and view your archives without having to acquire a new tool.

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Your IT teams can create an uploading and viewing interface between your business applications and Arkhineo’s EAS.

Uploading & Viewing

After integrating our WebAPI, your documents are uploaded to our platform automatically from your application – no manual procedure necessary.

Each time a document is sent to our EAS, we archive:
– the original file
– the XML file containing the document’s associated metadata

For more information about the archiving process, please click here.

Viewing your documents on our platform is done automatically from your business application and does not require knowledge of any dedicated viewing tool.

In viewing mode, you can access any of your archived documents and evidence.


This is a RESTful WebAPI using HTTPS protocol. Arkhineo will provide your IT teams with the documentation necessary for modifying your business applications‘ user interface thus allowing calls to Arkhineo’s EAS to be performed directly from your business applications.

In addition to the API, you have access to the MyArkhineo viewing portal.

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Viewing portal

Three users can access the MyArkhineo viewing portal.

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MyArkhineo can be used for control, auditing and traceability purposes (life cycle log).

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The portal allows you to create statistics about your archived documents.

API benefits

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Easy to use

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