Arkhineo offers a ready-to-use SaaS portal called MyArkhineo.

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Uploading & Viewing

Once the documents have been generated by your business applications, you can manually upload them via MyArkhineo for archiving.

The user uploads each document after entering the metadata required to identify the file. The type of the metadata is defined beforehand based on your business logic and the types of documents involved.

For more information about the archiving process, please click here.

From the portal, you can search among archived documents, the user enters his search criteria (which are the metadata).

The user gets in response the list of documents corresponding to his criteria and can then view them or learn more about their origin, traceability or access to the Archive Life Cycle Log etc.


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Perform simple and advanced searches. Portal allows you to find instantaneously your archives.

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You can download the sealing datas in XML format, the certificate of conformity and access to the ALCL.

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The portal allows you to create statistics about your archived documents.

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SSO (optionnal)

SSO authentication method is possible if the corporate directory complies with compatible protocols (OpenID Connect or SAML V2).

MyArkhineo benefits

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Easy to use

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MyArkhineo Mobile Application for IOS/Android

We have developed an IOS and Android mobile app providing:

  • Access to your archived documents (searching, viewing, generating certificates of conformity, monitoring the archive’s life cycle, statistics, etc.) while on the move.
  • Use of the “multi-factor” authentication feature available on your smartphone. With this feature (more secure than a login/password), in addition to having a login & password, the smartphone associated with the user account generates a single-use QR code for each access. Each log-in is verified by the MyArkhineo app on the user’s smartphone.