AES algorithm: Advanced Encryption Standard is a symmetrical encryption algorithm. 

ALCL: Archive Life Cycle Log. All the actions carried out on the archives (consultation, sealing etc/) are collected and documented in Archive Life Cycle Log (ALCL)


Business applications: are the tools that you use to generate your dematerialised documents. 

BYOK: Bring Your Own Key. 


Chaining: allows archives to be linked together. It is composed of the previous archive’s UAI and the fingerprint of its seal.

Connector: is the development allowing to link your business applications to Arkhineo’s EAS

CRM: Customer Relationship Management.


Data centre: is the place used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

DMS: Document Management Software


Electronic archiving: refers to the long-term archiving of electronic documents and data

Encryption: is a cryptographic process that makes impossible for anyone who does not hold the decryption key to understand a document. 

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

EAS: Electronic Archiving System – It consists of receiving, conserving, processing and giving back the archives. An EAS is based on an IT platform.


Fingerprint: The electronic fingerprint sealed in the archive is checked each time the archive is viewed. It ensures that the document and its metadata presented are identical to those deposited.


GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation


HTTPS : HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure


Metadatas: are key words used to classify documents. For example date of creation, type of document, author, document reference, file, document number, account number etc.

Metadata is also known as indexing criteria. 

Multi-factor authentication: is a security process requiring multiple authentication steps to verify the user’s identity. 


QTSP: Qualified Trusted Service Provider


RESTful: A RESTful API is an application programming interface that uses HTTPs requests to obtain (GET) and publish (POST) data.


Symmetric key: use of a single key to encrypt and decrypt data.  

SaaS: Software as a Service.

Sealing: The archive’s seal includes information on its uploading (depositor, IP address of depositor, protocol used, etc.).The seal fixes a sequence of archived UAIs. This seal is signed.

SLA : Service Level Agreement – is the level of service that the company is contractually committed to provide. . 


Time stamping: is the process by which the company associates each electronic document received with a specific GMT time via a GPS device.


UAI: Unique Archive Identifier is automatically generated for each Archive in order to identify them in a certain and perennial way.


Web API: An API is a set of definitions and protocols that facilitates the creation and integration of application software. API is an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. Our API allows your business application to upload and retrieve your archives.