Privacy policy

DOCAPOSTE ARKHINEO offers BtoB services to companies and government bodies, and we attach a great deal of importance to the privacy of visitors to its corporate website and all natural persons who directly or indirectly use its services (hereinafter referred to as the Persons).

In this privacy policy, DOCAPOSTE ARKHINEO describes how it manages personal data that may be collected on its website or through signing up for its services.

In it you will find important information about how DOCAPOSTE ARKHINEO may be incited to use this personal data.

1. Collecting personal data

When you use our services (client EAS), download the MyArkhineo app (as part of our contractual relationship with the company or government body that employs you) or visit our website, we collect certain personal information about you.

Here are some examples of personal data that we may collect:

  • Identification data: name, e-mail address, mailing address (of the company), telephone number and position;
  • Commercial data: Invoicing information;
  • Connection data: IP address, browser used, browsing history on the Arkhineo site (pages consulted), time spent on the pages of the Arkhineo site, consulting history for the Arkhineo service (used for the archive life-cycle log) and the authentication methods for the Arkhineo service.

We may also collect data from other sources, such as:

Third-party sources: marketing specialists (marketing events such as fairs, partner events, etc.), partners (such as companies affiliated with Arkhineo), service providers and other persons legally authorised to share your personal information with us.

Other clients: Other clients can provide us with your personal information. For example, if a customer wishes to share an archive with you from MyArkhineo, he/she will have to provide us with your name, e-mail address and phone number (mandatory to make the archive available and to carry out authentication).

We collect your personal information to make our services available, to improve them and for marketing purposes. (See section 2 for more information).

2. Using personal data

In general, we collect your data to provide you with one or more services, improve them, develop new features, and promote Arkhineo and its services.

Here are some examples of the ways we use personal data (which we collect through your use of the service or the website):

  • To provide the service, create clients’ user accounts, etc.;
  • To issue EAS release notes;
  • To communicate with you personally via e-mail campaigns (quarterly newsletters, invitations to events, new features, etc.) and social networks.

3. Storage

Personal data is collected from the Pardot and Salesforce tools.

Retention period:

  • The personal data of existing clients is collected throughout the duration of the contract;
  • The personal data of prospective clients may be stored by DOCAPOSTE ARKHINEO for three years after the last contact.

The data is hosted:

For clients: In our own data centres (we cannot provide the address for security reasons, but our data centres are located in France and Germany).

The website is hosted by OVH: 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France

The data of our Salesforce and Pardot service providers is hosted by these companies.

4. Your data rights

You may request to modify, limit or object to the collection or use of your personal data, as well as request access to your personal data and the deletion or rectification thereof (e.g. in the event of an error) at any time. You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to the following address: All requests must be submitted along with proof of identity.

Please note that some personal information is essential for DOCAPOSTE ARKHINEO services to be provided properly (particularly for accounts providing access to archived documents and for authentication) and refusing to provide this information will prevent you from using these services.

A note on marketing messages

You may refuse to receive marketing e-mails from us. You can unsubscribe from these messages by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located in all e-mails.

If you are a registered user of our services, we will continue to send messages about technical changes to the EAS (release notes) in accordance with legislation.

If you would like your phone number to be added to our in-house Do-Not-Call telemarketing list, please contact us here

5. Privacy for minors

We offer a BtoB service which is therefore not used by minors. If a minor uses our service, the minor must obtain the consent of his or her parents or legal representatives.

6. Cookies

A cookie is a text file stored on your hardware (computer, phone, tablet) when you visit a website. While valid, it provides unique identification of your hardware to its transmitter and stores certain information about your user pathway, in particular, in order to simplify your browsing experience on our websites and offer you content adapted to your interests.

Docaposte Arkhineo uses cookies to count the number of unique visitors to a web page or service and to develop other statistics on its services, among others.

Technical and browser cookies

These cookies are used by all our websites, mobile sites and mobile applications. They facilitate your browsing between the pages of our sites and applications and automatically expire when you close your browser. You can choose to disable these cookies via your internet browser without altering access to our services.

Cookies for audience measurement and browser tracking

This cookie is used on all our websites and mobile sites. It enables us to collect anonymous statistical data on visits to our sites and applications in order to improve their ergonomics and user experience. You can learn how to disable it in the section below entitled “Managing your cookies”.

Share-button cookies on social networks

Some of our websites include social-media cookies that allow you to share content. We cannot control these cookies or data collected by social-media sites. For more information on these cookies, please consult the privacy policies specific to each of these social-media sites. The data collected through these cookies is used by Docaposte Arkhineo in accordance with their purposes.

Duration of cookie storage

In accordance with the CNIL’s recommendations, the maximum retention period for cookies is no more than 13 months after they are first stored on the user’s terminal, as is the duration of the user’s consent to the use of these cookies. The life of cookies is not extended with each visit. The user’s consent must therefore be renewed at the end of this period.

You can disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser.

DOCAPOSTE ARKHINEO also enforces the DOCAPOSTE “Personal Data Protection and Privacy” charter, which you can read here.